Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making an Impact

Written by Ms. Berman

Chris Young the Rapper (c/o 2007) wrote a rap for I.S. students, to be distributed at the end of the Fall semester 2011 as a reward in recognition of student success in my honors and IB Science classes.  The following poem is my way of saying "thank you" to him for his unerring dedication to the I.S. community:

Grandma, though crippled, had a vision that day you selflessly made a decision
to come read to her the Bible, here I admit there can be no denial.
I didn’t think that you would show, with brother Hugo sober in tow
wearing slacks and button down shirts, not expecting praise or perks.
We shared breakfast at the table, Grandma told her fav family fable
about her life back in the day, then assured you it's gonna be okay.
She saw right through your troubled eyes which was really no big surprise.
Grandma had amazing perception; I dared not out smart her with deception.
Long after you left she was still staring, off into space not really caring
that I was waiting to see what she thought of these young men for whom I had fought.
Although I knew she was reflecting, Grandma's words weren’t what I was expecting:
that boy, she pointed where you had been sitting, will be famous one day; I am not kidding.
He has something special within, but his deepness thus far has made his life dim.
He’ll grow and bring wisdom to the world once his emotional being is unfurled.
And now Grandma lives up in the sky, but her words I still hear and I sigh
in awe that such an aged woman could identify true depth in this human
at the early age of sixteen when he was just beginning to define his being.
But now Chris you’re following this prophecy, it is more like your reality,
changing lives by sharing how you feel, sending messages so troubled souls can heal.
If there’s one thing I know for a fact, it's that you, Chris Young, are making an impact
on the thoughts and minds of the stranded, continue to give to the empty-handed.
And thank you Grandma for always believing in the goodness of mankind in achieving
the most important goal one could desire: to believe in and try to aspire
to teach people they have a choice, and show them how to express their voice.
If there’s one thing I know for a fact, it's that you, Chris Young, are making an impact.  


  1. From what you tell our class about Chris Young, it makes me believe that I really can achieve anything. You really just have to work hard, and get the grades that "WOW" people. I guess achieving what you want may sound easy, but it really can't be as easy as it seems. Otherwise we'd have all kinds of amazing people like Chris Young. But when you have that one true passion, that one true love that no one forces upon you, that no one pressures you on, you find a way for it to happen. Hopefully if I get an award at the end of the semester, I'll definitly choose Chris Young's CD because when we were listening to it in class, it really made me remember that anythings possible.....

  2. "changing lives by sharing how you feel, sending messages so troubled souls can heal"

    A line in your poem that I agree with. Many people throughout the world try to inspire and change lives in many ways, but within all those people they have different scenarios that makes someone feel left out or the "only one" w/o a same scenario. I think Chris Young made sure that not a lot of SDHS I.S kids are left out nor the "only one".

    Chris Young wrote a new rap that stood out to me and left me to feel motivated about school and just life itself. We all set goals for ourselves and to accomplish those goals we do need to push ourselves and have a desire. It helps when we're relieved to know that people are going through the same thing as we are, either with grades or life at home. The point is you have to work hard to achieve. It's not easy, but there are many people who will help along the way. Chris Young's rap basically tells his scenario in high school at SDHS that most of us can relate to. I've learned that even though someone doesn't have the best grades or didn't get into a college they wanted to get into, that doesn't mean they'll be unsuccessful. You just have to keep on trying and find ways to make things work to still be successful.

    I agree that Chris Young is making an impact. Listening to his rap and hearing his high school stories makes me feel motivated to achieve and accomplish my goals. I will always remember the name, Chris Young. Thank you!

  3. An impact...a thank you....these are so powerful and hit us all in different ways. While we all don't possess "the gift" of music or writing we do all have the gift of simple words "hi", "please", thank you". Oh yeah these seem so trivial but have you ever done something and thought to yourself ... if only they said "thank you" it would mean so much more ~ it would seem like I did something ~ like I AM someone! Well it goes both ways and it is so simple to just say those words! So THANK YOU all of you that are posting and sharing ~ touching MY life in so many ways ~ YOU ARE MAKING AN IMPACT!

  4. Chris Young is a perfect example to remind us to work hard and follow our dreams. Someday he'll be super famous and some sort of legend and then we are old, we can tell our grand kids, "oh I used to know about Chris Young, he has an intersting story about following your aspirations and he was encouraged by his science teacher, let me tell it to you..."
    He is making an impact.

  5. First of all, I loved the rap that Ms. Berman played in class, and for some reason I feel like that rap started my day off right and put me in a good mood, which made me strive for success in my classes. The lyrics of this rap reminded me of how the other day I was thinking about college, and how much I desire to cheer in college. The requirements for college cheer are crazy, and as of now, my goal seems unreachable. I proposed to my parents how I wanted to advance in my tumbling skills so I could have a chance at cheering in college, but when I told them where the gym was and the expenses, my harmless suggestion of an idea was immediately shot down. At times like these, I really wish I could have that kind of support with my dreams and goals. I really hope to prove people wrong with my goals and dreams by making an impact, just like Chris Young. I don't know how cheerleading can make an impact, but I hope to use my dream in some way to make a huge impact on someone's life.

  6. This song was a really inspiring song. When you first put it on during class, like you said it almost made me cry just not just because of what it says, but for some of us that might be the case and it really gets to us. When I was listening to the song, and really paying attention, it was like looking through his eyes, and then I though to myself what college I wanted to go to, and what I was going to do to get in, and that’s when he talk about giving a good and hard job, and I was thinking I cant fail any of my classes, and since he says we could do ANYTHING I was like, if I really want this or anything else, I can get it because nothing can or should stop me.

  7. The song helped me start off my day really well. I was inspired and it put me in a good mood. Which had a really good impact through out the day. Also it helped me think twice and realize no matter how much stress I'm under and whatever I want to do, I can and I am able to acheive my goals.

  8. Listening to this song early on in the year I remember motivated me, and really was a perfect example that I could do whatever I set my mind to.

    "And now Grandma lives up in the sky, but her words I still hear and I sigh
    in awe that such an aged woman could identify true depth in this human"

    This was my favorite line of the song I could relate to the relationship I had with my grand mother before she passed away during freshmen year.

    Miguel Preciado