Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ode to Luis

Written by Ms. Berman

Fixating on pictures and texts, disbelieving
For hours each of us processing, grieving.
Riddled with guilt for flaking that day
Dwelling on words, all lost chances to say.
A piece of us broken, such angst and despair
Yet we know from reflecting now's the time we must share.
And continue to speak with you, continue to love
As we strive to connect with your spirit above.
We must be kind to ourselves, unleash horrid wrath
And cherish the memories you brought onto our path.
All the lessons we've learned in a matter of days
Will grow to make sense as we see through the haze.
We will accept questions unanswered, from dark hours we thrust
And work to find peace, spur a world with more trust.
We will all bond together, in your honor we take pride
No fear of emotions, no tears we shall hide.
Our love and our energy, we must all take collection
To regain solid footing through our human connection.
Luis, now at one with the sea, stars and sky
We all bid you safe travels, but it's never good bye.


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