Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Written by Ms. Berman

They call her Ms. B, she's a teacher of Science
She strives to help kids who act out in defiance
"Daonlyyoungone" was his Screen Name in '03
A 14 year old Freshman in Honors Biology
A genius she pegged but unclear of his place
Now "ChrisYoungtheRapper's"  on YouTube and MySpace
Ms. B says to Chris you can seek all you desire
This poem's from your mentor, now go out and inspire
now i don't presume to be a rapper
i'm a middle aged woman,  no whipper snapper
but i've dedicated most of my life to giving
comfort to teens who don't want to go on living
and i know that drugs are evil and toxic
they hijack the mind when someone has lost it
and for our society to have the blatant audacity
to settle with this truth haunts my mental capacity
i have seen troubled youth ending up with slashed wrists
stints in mental hospitals, lives taking downward twists
i will never stop trying to convey the statement
there are ways to avoid lying face down on the pavement
my message is deeper as i speak from the soul
as holding on to my mind is my number one goal
for by now all who know me have confirmed the rumor
that i underwent surgery to remove a  brain tumor
benign though it was, it was the treatments that followed
that made my thought processes become muted and hollowed
so i scream out to young people please listen and cherish
your brain cells are awesome, do not let them perish
for when you load up your bodies with mushrooms and E
you're eroding your brilliance and disrespecting me
 i ask you to try other modes of getting by
running and hiking... a natural high
i believe it's a crime to waste a bright mind
if you allow for some detox i trust you will find
that there's work to be done one step at a time
life's not all about you and your being sublime
the world needs us all to give more than we get
one person one gesture start repaying your debt
 if you grasp this message then you are ahead
 of the lost grieving souls whose spirits are dead
 go fight for yourself and those whom you love
hold on to what matters and rise above
this tainted environment of substance abuse
savor those neurons and put them to use
life is about choices and the control is with you
think hard before you throw back that next shot or two


  1. This is really touching Ms. Berman! I think everyone is with me when I say that you are the most influential teacher at SDHS.

  2. Thanks, Adali! We look forward to a visit from our favorite neurobio expert! Time for an update on the Biology of addiction!

  3. I definitely agree with Adali. I know that if I make a mistake, I can come to you. I think I remember you telling us at the beginning of the year that they tell us what not to do, but they never tell us where to go if we do what we arent supposed to do. You are a place that I can go to for help :)

  4. I would love to give an update! I'll be in SD from 12/18 to 1/9. If classes start back up before the 9th I will definitely come visit!

  5. "go fight for yourself and those whom you love
    hold on to what matters and rise above" This is a really hopeful quote to all those who need to fight for what matters.

  6. Wow Ms. B... I am in awe...
    You're still like my mom and it is
    apparent that others view you in the same ways I did and still do. This rap is amazing and I am sure it is sending out a strong message to the troubled youth out there...All of you young adults at SDHS, Ms. B Knows "what's up" and what you're going through. Please do her a favor and myself by listenting to her, just as I did. Ms. B, You are by far the most influential person I know...Keep doing what You do best, be yourself. I hope to visit you and your class soon.

    *George Zavala Grad Class of 2010*

  7. Absolutely amazing. And you definitely were and still are one of the most inspirational teachers I have ever had and am beyond grateful to know you and have you in my life. :)

  8. Okay students, let's not make this about me...

    Please share your own wisdom and insight in order to "keep dropping the pebbles whose gentle-light waves will reach distant shores, distant souls."

    Feel free to email me at with suggestions for topics to discuss. Thanks!

  9. I learned in a brain science class that ecstasy ("E" or MDMA) functions by rupturing serotonin and dopamine re-uptake channels to flood the synapses between brain cells with these neurotransmitters. This is how MDMA gives one a rush of ecstatic feelings. The drawback is that people feel severely depressed afterward because the normal functioning of their braincells have been impaired by the drug. Especially with continued use your emotional and physical well-being are endangered, not to mention the risk of heart-attack or heat exhaustion if you overdose. Do heed Ms. Berman's advice.

  10. Not to impose on you lyrics and prose
    but her is a message from one who did not listen:

    I know our lives are not the same
    for addiction is seeded in the brain
    long before the drugs I sought to hide from what I felt inside
    with wild emotions never of right size

    but e and shrooms made the world seem right
    pot and speed helped time go by
    they were all my rapturous friends
    that helped me hide the pain

    today I can say I am an addict
    I can own the pain that comes with life
    I can see the difference between sorrow and strife

    I use to hide behind a substance
    that made the world just go away
    if only for a moment
    today I know there is more to addiction
    than just a simple choice

    there seems to be this sort of friction
    between those looking in on and those living with addiction
    I cannot give up the only tool I know

    life and friends may bring pain and sorrow
    but my drug of choice brings oblivion
    a place free of fear and judgment
    a place where I am happy if only for a moment

    23 years I lived in fear if only of my self
    I sought to hide what I truly felt inside
    an ugly shame with myself to blame
    you could never understand

    no one before me has done such things
    such unforgivable things that I had to do to survive
    how dare you judge me from your ivory tower

    you have never felt my pain
    our lives are not the same

    these were the words I used to push you away
    it took some time but I learned to listen
    you did not judge me you just loved me
    no matter what I did you were always there
    a true friend that never asked or borrowed
    but always helped me though my sorrows
    you have played a role in my life that words cannot express

    if I have learned anything from hiding
    it's that life is alway there
    sometimes sad and sometimes messy

    I cannot say I have broken away
    form that sadness that plagues my hart
    but I know that friends like you have always got my back