Friday, February 11, 2011

Brain Versus Mind

Written by Jake Miller

We cannot begin to understand the world because there are things in all of our lives and minds that we are afraid to honestly look at. We can’t figure out the answers to the questions we have because there are regions of our mind that we cannot use. These regions cannot be used because of pain.

Our brains are constantly figuring things out our whole lives. That is how we learn. Our natural, primitive brain looks at an arbitrary number of different truths it can perceive, analyzes the truths, and then figures out the singular pattern or entity that they all have in common, and then makes a conclusion about the world based on that pattern or entity. It then uses that conclusion to help us know how to survive.

Throughout our lives, our natural, primitive brain makes conclusions like this about the world that go against certain conclusions that our conscious, intelligent mind has already made about the world.

Once this happens, those regions of our conscious, intelligent mind which are now tarnished by the opposing conclusions our natural, primitive brain has made, become painful to enter.

So our natural, primitive brain trains our conscious, intelligent mind not to enter these regions.

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  1. Beautiful post! It takes a lot of courage to face these truths but this is how we evolve as humans.