Monday, February 7, 2011

Gender Image

Written by Ms. Berman

Words thrust at me before I can process
”This world is so messed up,” you say.
I want to be honest but encouraging as well,
How do I convince you it will all be okay?
“You don’t get growing up in this generation;
There are no women role models for me.”
I cringe at this thought, where did we go wrong?

The female spirit has yet to be set free.
I am partly to blame for not facing the truth
that feminism has become a muddied illusion.
For not seeing the angst this young woman was in
growing up in an era of contradiction and confusion.
But I now see the courage you cannot see in yourself
as you can’t see the forest from the trees.
You will grow through this phase and come out altered but strong
and you will then start to feel more at ease.
To face this troubled world with all of its ills
drives many people to put up a mask.
But to take on each day with a benevolent goal
is a reasonable, achievable task.
Remember that processing all problems at once
from the future to the present to the past.
Will be too much to bare, so bite off small chunks
at one time so your stamina will last.
You’re a goddess of sorts but don’t see it in you
and all that you do every hour.
Makes an impact on those all around you if chosen
the control is within your own power.
So remember the starfish, the one who is needy
and know it's an honorable act.
To reach out to make changes to bring pride to your peers
and focus on this well-hidden fact.
For the strong female you search for is within me and within you,
and united we will find how it works.
In this adventure called life which is riddled with doubt
especially when we have our own quirks.
But let’s start slow together one gesture one moment
in trust that goodness will abound.
And we can pool our strength and be there for each other
We must turn our gender image around.


  1. Jacqueline EmathingerFebruary 7, 2011 at 4:28 PM

    In the quest to find female role models, I encourage everyone (not only girls) to read Audre Lorde, Simone de Beauvoir, Angela Davis, Cynthia Enloe, and Adrienne Rich, as well as exploring the many industries women have worked to shape. These women have shaped the feminist movement and have challenged the very basis of sex vs. gender.


    A worthwhile read... brought to you by yet another former student...

  3. This is a great poem that speaks the reality we live on today. I was discussing precisely this topic with some of my internship companions. We were saying how today in some music women are portrayed only as sex icons and make it seem like its ok to treat them as objects or possesions. On the contrary to this idea I believe women have an important role in society and the world. Women are strong columns that support a family. They are the ones who maintain a family together by looking after the every member of the family.Throughout time there has been many obstacles in the growth of women. We have overcomed every one of them. It is important to fight this battle against our gender image. We will not let anyone stereotype us in any way. New role models will soon emerge and leave a legacy behind for others to follow. We are women and shall always stand together.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this poes, as it has reminded me that throughout the years the power of women has been tested. For example in the mexican culture,to this day the men still believe that they are dominant and that their role is to work and support the family while the women stays at home and cares for their kids. However, women have demonstrated that we are equal and now we often see powerful women working for sophisticated companies. This poem reminded me of a certain quote that an all girls college has "women can do anything".